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About Us

Chef and Guests is a private chef experience designed to bring people together over the love of fine food.

This is a unique culinary experience bringing you restaurant quality food and services directly into the comfort of your own home or at an exclusive venue (Rentals accommodations, wilderness locations, etc).

Who is “Chef and Guests” for?

  • Families and friends
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Romantic dinners
  • Birthday dinners
  • Team building
  • Baby showers
  • For all the food lovers out there

Why choose “Chef and Guests”

With Chef and Guests you get:

  • Your very own private chef
  • A customised 3 to-6 course menu
  • A full service
  • A complete post-dinner clean-up
  • Catering for all dietary requirements
  • A fun, stress-free, and unforgettable dining experience!

Who Are Our Chefs?

All our chefs are auto-entrepreneurs using our platform to promote their skills and services.

Each one of our chefs is selected based on their skills and passion for fine food and people.

We seek to represent a variety of culinary styles amongst our chefs, and a level of excellence acquired through culinary schools and/ or experience gained by working in finer establishments.

Our Values

  • Job creation through entrepreneurship
  • Promote culinary excellence and diversity
  • Value the know-how and cultural wealth of the chefs
  • Create helpful social links and networking

Choose your chef, a gourmet menu, and bon Appetit! It’s as simple as that.


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