Terms & Conditions

1. Use

Through the website, Chef & Guests, in its capacity as online broker, connects individual or collective, private or professional users (the "Users") with external agents who perform cooking services (the "Chef (s)").

The purpose of the Chef & Guests is to connect the Users and the Chefs via the website terms in order to contract cooking services.

The services can be carried out at home or within a business, for individual or collective, private or professional Users.

Chef & Guests does not intend to carry out the services itself. These are carried out directly by Chefs, external agents outside the company, who have no subordination relationship with the company, and under their full and direct responsibility. The role of the company is limited to the presentation and promotion of these Chefs on the Website.

Chef & Guests may modify the features of its services at any time without notifying the Chefs and/or Users but ensuring through its best efforts that there is no break in the potential transactions and reservations of Services in progress.

Chef & Guests may terminate the service, or temporarily or permanently interrupt access to all or part of the Website (including for technical reasons). To the extent possible, Chef & Guests will notify all Users and Chefs via email.

Chef & Guests reserves the right to modify the website and the present Terms in order to adapt them to the evolutions of the website and/or its exploitation. These changes will be made available on the website as soon as possible before they are implemented.

2. Liability

The performance of a service is solely the result of an agreement between a User and a Chef. The latter shall act under their sole and absolute responsibility. As such, the performance of a Service does not bind Chef & Guests in any way whatsoever. The role of Chef & Guests is exclusively the connection of a User and a Chef.

Any claim relating to a Service will be made through email to info@chefnguests.co.za. The company shall use its best efforts to assist the User and/or the Chef with finding an amicable solution to the dispute, this obligation being a simple best efforts obligation.

3. Cancelation

In the event of cancellation of a service, the following apply:
  1. Cancellation made no later than 7 days before the service - 0% refund of the full amount paid
  2. Cancellation made no later than 14 days before the service - 25% refund of the full amount paid
  3. Cancellation made no later than 21 days before the service - 50% refund of the full amount paid

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